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'The West Wing' finale errorfest


The Washington Post's Reliable Source takes apart Sunday's "West Wing" finale. As readers of my column know, I've sorta traveled with the two-term Jed Bartlet these seven years of the Aaron Sorkin-created series, and it was like a good friend was moving away Sunday night.

But, amid all the smaltziness of the last show, I did wonder why in 10-degree weather no one really looked cold (why did the writers bother with such a ridiculous notion that it had to be 10 degrees, and then not show it as such), and it did seem odd that President Stamos' kids were present for the inaugural. Apparently they had school back in San Antonio. And yes, the question "Who in his right mind decided that Jan. 20 was a good day for an inauguration" and the wrong answer "Jefferson" given pretty much proved that, outside of director/producer Christopher Misiano and producer/writer John Wells, everyone else was asleep at the wheel in the final days. Even the "smart" cast didn't offer up a "uh, I think they changed the inauguration from March to January back in 1937"? Guess not. They didn't want to work a free "looking back" episode to precede the finale either, so NBC in the final week had to toss in the very first "West Wing," sorta bringing everyone full circle.

Still, that was a pretty cool ending with the Bartlet's flying home in Air Force One. It was a great reign. To bad it was just television.

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