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'Poseidon' swamped at the box office


Sorry. In between still mulling the religious prattle thrown at us Sunday about "The Da Vinci Code," and really not caring about last weekend's movie releases or the second week of Tom Cruise's "M:I-3," we failed to notice the weekend box office totals, which basically weren't good at all for anyone: Cruise seems to have turned off a large segment of moviegoers, apparently, even as "M:I-3" plods toward box-car millions, but the surprises were that "Poseidon" did a meager $22 mil or so, and Lindsay Lohan's "Just My Luck" was ****-out of it, with $5.5 million. Good for her.

Anyway, Box Office Mojo captured the best spin of the year from a Warner Bros. exec about the "Poseidon" opening:

"We did outperform the tracking," said Dan Fellman, Warner Bros.' president of distribution. "But it's too early to assess the financial viability of the movie at this moment. I think cruising is an international activity, and [director] Wolfgang Petersen has had great success overseas. His last movie, Troy, did $133 million domestic and $364 million international. We're going to wait it out."

That's rich.

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