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"Poseidon": Will it float?


"Poseidon," the remake of the 1972 all-star-cast disaster flick "The Poseidon Adventure," opens nationally today. I rarely agree with ABC "Good Morning America" reviewer Joel Siegel on his views, so I'm probably going to lean closer to the grade given in the statewide daily today (a middlin' "C"). Siegel, who acted like he loved it, said today that he watched the 1972 film and the new release back-to-back, and got an interesting perspective: The earlier film, like movies they used to make, focused almost an hour on character development before the tidal wave made Leslie Neilsen (as the captain) all wide-eyed and swamped the boat. "Poseidon," fitting for our give-it-to-us-quick mentality of today, wastes little time (only about 10 minutes, Siegel says) in capsizing the boat and the rest of the 98 minutes dealing with the survival of a few. In the 1972 film, Red Buttons played your proverbial "life-long bachelor"; Richard Dreyfuss in the new flick is not just your proverbial lifelong bachelor but an openly-gay male. Siegel adds there this time there is no Shelly Winters-type character. Too bad. But I was mainly wondering if there would be the Stella Stevens hot-looking-hooker-who-marries-the-cop (played by Ernest Borgnine, no less) for the new flick. Will their be a big-hit song, like "There's Got to Be a Morning After," sung by someone we'll never see again outside of a handful of guest TV roles? Who is the new nubile Pamela Sue Anderson in hot-hot-hot pants? Does Arkansan Josh Lucas get the Gene Hackman "disillutioned priest" role, screaming out for God to help these poor people before he tumbles into a roaring fire?

We just may have to see it. David Koon will be bringing Times readers his thoughts and his own comparison to 'The Poseidon Adventure," which he says is one of his all-time faves, next week.

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