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The Max Recordings 5th anniversary party last night was packed, still when I got there around 12:30 a.m. Or so. Ughhhh...I missed Big Silver and Kevin Kerby, but caught the last set of American Princes. Stickyz was filled with local musicians from all over. I was able to get pretty close up to the stage and now I know why: there were some young gentlemen, quite sauced that used up front space to head butt and then hug each other, then play chicken, blocking our view. While they were thusly acting a fool, I gave the gentlemen sitting on the shoulders a well-deserved wedgie and ignored the profanity from his mouth that ensued. The band didn't seem to mind, they were mostly around friends, fans and family. Folks were singing along to the band, and most everyone in the room knew the chorus to the AP's "Rock n' Roll Singer." The night seemed to be a success for everyone involved, especially in the end.

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