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No more Big Downtown Thursdays


River Market officials have decided to do away with Big Downtown Thursdays, which were held for the past several years on Thursdays in May and in September.

The way the River Market looked at it, Big Downtown Thursday was a victim of its own success. It had succeeded in bringing gobs of people to the River Market district for free live music and $2 beer, and now the live music clubs in the River Market are going great guns. Plus, it had also shown folks that the pavilions are a good place to schedule a shindig, and the River Market has plenty of events now going on under the pavilions.

Add to that the construction going on around the amphitheater and around the river with the Nature Center and other projects, and Riverfeset just around the corner, and the River Market with its four employees in the city office was probably not in the best position this May to get the late afternoon party cranked up again. There's also the matter of getting sponsors to pony up the money for the bands, sponsorship of the beer (sales went to charity) and so forth.

Scott Carter, a spokesman for the city, said, "If you take time off from doing it, it doesn't pick up the momentum it had before you stopped. It was the right time [for the River Market] to move into other areas."

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