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Boondogs brought us there; the Afterthought opens grandly


I checked out the Boondogs last night for the day two of the Afterthought's grand opening with a companion who was new to their music. Companion's opinion mirrored mine: they have an easygoing, literate, ambient sound reminiscent of the Smithereens or Edie Brickell. Kinda Euro, kinda roots-pop... after we were able to finally get seats close enough to see the band as a whole, we closed our eyes and seat-bopped a little, and were transported into a happy place, a  trance-like rock plane inhabited by 12-string and acoustic guitar, whammy bar, snappish high hat and snare, upright bass, keys, shaky percussion things.

Listen to their album "Fever Dreams" with headphones, Alone. It's like pure poetic time travel. A lounge-like mental magic carpet ride.

The group has a saga-like history with success, disappointment, hope, redemption and all of that, best checked out on their website


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