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AmyB's Gettin' Out: Thank Huck it's Friday

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AmyB's really bringing it today with the club scene to-do list. And, if you find yourself even slightly offended by some of the crass band names of today, just move along (though things are more tame than they were Wednesday):

With the burgeoning Argenta District comes a few new little places to check out …Cornerstone Deli, Reno’s and the Argenta Coffee House at 304 Main St., where Tim Anthony and guests appear tonight. You know: funk, R&B, soul and jazz. There’s a $5 cover.

Also, if you haven’t caught a whiff of it yet, there’s an art happening every Friday at Main and Broadway in Argenta from 8 p.m.-midnight….it’s called The Scene. The concept is pretty cool: Artists hang out, create, paint, sculpt, etc. The Scene provides the material, and sell it, in exchange for 25% of the price of the work. From the website:

"All work created at the scene is to stay – on site, for sale for a minimum of one month. Artists receive 75% of the sale price of work created there. The Scene does not compete with galleries. No work may be displayed for sale unless it was created at the Scene.
Art films, models, paint & sculpting materials are provided.
Donations are appreciated.

Yes, we know we made a big to do about the Afterthought’s opening as a non-smoking establishment: Go and breathe freely tonight during happy hour with Stephen Winter (6 p.m.), R&B power couple Brenda and Ellis, and keyboardist William Staggers with a special appearance by Ramona Smith, 6 p.m.-midnight. Cover is $5

Where, thankfully to some, you can puff, puff: Try Sticky Fingerz, with great hippified jam music tonight with Weakness For Blondes, whose following seems to increase at each show. Special guest will be Fayetteville faves the Sarah Hughes Band. 9:30 p.m. $5.

Despite how short in the tooth they are: the Eoff Brothers play some of their originals and great covers of Stevie Ray Vaughan and basically abuse the heck out of their equipment tonight at the Press Box (Fair Park, behind UALR, 9 p.m., $5). They are the sons of the Cate Brothers, who, in the sprit of a little family rivalry will be at White Water tonight and tomorrow (10 p.m., $5).

Left of Center, a fun blues cover band will be at Cajun’s tonight. 8 p.m., $5.

Funky R&B tonight at Juanita’s with the Dale Smith Experience featuring Nikki Parish. 10 p.m., $10. Note: these shows tend to attract a more mature crowd.

Late night tonight at Midtown Billiards: The Rounders. 1 a.m.-ish.

With all respect to Geronimo, and venturing out of the club scene for a minute: Our heroes have always been Cowboys. We were reminded that the Diamond State Rodeo Association’s Rodeo takes place in the Rock at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds. Individuals compete in 13 events, from roping to rough stock (bull-riding). Men and women will compete together.

There’s the serious professional events and there is also the self-actualized comedic value in some of the events, like the “Wild Drag” event, where you’ll see a (usually robust) gentlement in “scag drag” — vernacular for awfully hilarious, and the event promoter Ian Bowles says it’s too humor the stereotypes.

Grand Marshall will be Simply Red, a group that has raised support and funds over the years to help individuals with HIV. It’s the set-up tonight, and then official events start tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., lasting until Sunday evening.
More info is available at

…and we did check out the facilities of the Sports Page a couple of weeks ago. They’re taking up after Blank Generation’s unfortunate demise. The walls are covered with weird pictures, newspaper clippings, drawings, photos: and a corner devoted to everything Elvis. It’s got a young creative vibe to it, perfect for local bands and off-off label acts coming through.
Tonight it’s The Undoing of David Wright, from Denton, Texas. I accidentally hit their MP3 without the headphones in the office….it was LOUD and NOISY = good. They are a narrative “post cyber-punk” trio…and we can tell from listening to their stuff that they are influenced by the Throbbing Gristle and German noise band Einsturzende Neubauten (not just listing them to be cool). We like them already.

Also on the bill are local bands Josh the Devil and the Sinners and Real Fighting. I hope that the psycho-billy (think Rev. Horton Heat plus the Horrorpops) guys of Josh the Devil have forgiven me for mixing up the names of the bassist (“Hot Karle”) and drummer (“Dirty Sean”) in their first write up here … it reminds me of the first time I got my name in the Pine Bluff Commercial. Underneath my photo, they had listed my name as Abbey Bonner, or something like that … Anyway Josh the Devil and Real Fighting were among the best (in my opinion) at the Musicians Showcase a couple of months back. It all starts at 10 p.m. for all ages. Cover is usually 3 bucks.

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