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Blogging Vs. Twittering Vs. Homicide


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      I’m not going to go all 2009 on you now and rave about Twittering because I’m still not sold on the idea. I’m just now getting used to texting. However, I do feel like waxing philosophical on the virtues of blogging, because I think it is the first realtime communication device that people really have taken seriously since the invention of the telephone. Once I heard Andy Carvin teaching 92 year old NPR Senior News Analyst, Daniel Schorr how to Twitter, I said, “Communication has gone too far.”

     Twitter is the blog on crystal meth. When you’re studying for a test, try taking a Vivarin like we did in the old days. Now kids are chasing Adderall with Red Bull (and Twittering at the same time). How much more “instant” can instant messaging get?  When I finish this blog, you can read it instantly on any internet-connected computer or cell phone. Is that not good enough for you? Do you really want to know what I was thinking about while I was writing this blog? It’s a blog about blogging! How much more ironic and redundant can I be?

     Oh, and today, thinking maybe the Twit madness had passed, Talk of the Nation interviewed Evan Williams and Biz Stone, the “founders” of Twitter. As if their egos needed to be stroked a bit more…

     I still think Twittering may become communication currency in the next decade simply because is merges blogging with texting. However, I propose that blogging and texting serve two VERY different purposes. You blog about your passions. You text to buy weed. I say there need be no in between.



     Sexting?! I also heard about this on NPR today. But not before I heard it on FOX NEWS three days ago! Seriously NPR? You’re picking up Fox’s news dregs? First of all, Sexting is not a news story. It’s been going on since the invention of the Polaroid camera. I’m sure in 3 years HBO will make a series about it and you can all get caught up then.



     When you arrive at work and someone says, “Did you hear about that shooting?” and you say, “Which shooting?” It’s a bad day on planet Earth.

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