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The Hog Blogger: I Know What I'm Getting



To those who suggest that Bobby Petrino is Lucy with the football and Razorback fans are a bunch of Charlie Browns, The Hog Blogger, one of our occasional contributors and the proprietor of the much-missed blog of the same name, would like to say that he, for one, knows what we're getting into.

I don’t trust Bobby Petrino.

Put out your torches and set down the pitchforks — let me explain. Why is it that I find it so hard to trust our brand-new, bona fide Razorback messiah?

Funny story, actually. If you’ve got the time, I’d love to tell it.

Without the blog to tend to, I have a lot more time to just hang out in the basement of my mom’s trailer with my sister, so on this particular Tuesday afternoon a few months back, that’s precisely what I was doing.

Anyways, this guy gets up on the TV and is all like, “Blah blah blah, Bobby Petrino is a liar, a traitor, Arkansas fans don’t know what they’re getting themselves into!” I figured something was amiss, and this slick-lookin’ character must have been mistaken, so I start up the lawnmower and head over to the library so I can see what the Internets had to say.

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