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Q&A: Eugene "the Dunking Machine" Nash, Part 2



Here now is the second and final part of our Q&A with Eugene Nash, the late '70s and early '80s walk-on who captured the hearts of Razorback fans like few players before or since. (For Part 1 and a more complete introduction, just click here.) In this installment, Eugene discusses the most painful loss and the most exhilarating win of his Hog career, who would win a game of one-on-one between him and Jimmy Dykes, and why — to paraphrase country singer Mac Davis — happiness means having Lubbock, Texas, in your rear view mirror.

Who were the three best players that you played with at Arkansas?

Oh gosh! It's easy - Sidney Moncrief, no doubt about it. He had the tenacity to be a great player. Maybe not the best shooter, but when the time came, you wanted the ball in his hands and him defending the best player. No doubt him – the distance between him and the rest was pretty far. I think Scott Hastings and U.S. Reed would be the next guys, but Sidney was a good distance ahead of the next group.

A lot of it had to do with Sidney's heart - he had a big heart. He was married at the time and lived off-campus so it was harder to get to know him, but he made an effort to spend time with all of us, invited us over to dinner, things like that. Steve Schall was like that too.

Give us some insight into the personalities on those teams - who was the funniest guy?

I'd say Scott Hastings. He taught you a lot about life in general. He was funny and did stuff you didn't even know was possible.

What was the most enjoyable road trip that the team took? And, conversely, what town did you guys dread visiting?

The place that you really hated to go to was out to Lubbock, to play Texas Tech. That was the only place they sent us out to dinner without curfew - there was nothing to do! We saw one dog walk across the street, that was it.

By 10:00, everything was closed - we'd be back in our rooms early on our own. That was the only place they gave us the keys and just said, "Go get a bite to eat."

Playing in those SWC tournaments in Dallas was always exciting. You always looked forward to that.

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