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Basketball Hodge-Podge



With basketball season inching ever nearer, we have compiled this hodge-podge of Hog b-ball stories and reports from that "series of tubes" known as the Internet. Read, absorb and impress friends, lovers and co-workers with your newfound knowledge.

*  The Sporting News ranks Arkansas No. 22 in its preseason poll, while has the Hogs at No. 16.

*  Click here for's preview of the Razorbacks. Here's the preview's "final analysis" of the Hogs: "Coaches are often hired to rebuild. This is different. Pelphrey inherits a program that has had modest success recently but appears capable of much more right away. Arkansas has the talent to win the West. It’s up to Pelphrey to get the most out of that talent and to create cohesion, a quality that has been eggshell-fragile in recent seasons. Don’t underestimate the hunger factor. The seniors are desperate to do more than flame out in the first round of the NCAA tournament for a third straight year."

* Andrew Skwara of says there will be no honeymoon for our new coach.

* Meanwhile, Terry Wood of the Northwest Arkansas Times says, despite all of its crazy and often embarrassing twists and turns, the Hogs' search for a new basketball coach may have worked out just perfectly.

* In the ex-Hog department, Ronnie Brewer enjoyed quite a nice preseason for the Utah Jazz. And, finally, look at the many hairdos of Corliss. For sentimental reasons, we can't help but be partial to the bald look, but we admire the way Big Nasty always challenged his audience. (Link courtesy of HogNation message board.)

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