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It's Your Birthday!


OK, so it's mine.  And now I'm officially IN my forties.  In them, instead of just "being" 40, or better yet, having "just turned" 4o.  Bleah.  So far...not a fan.

BUT.  My mother is taking me out to dinner tonight "anywhere I'd like."  To me, that pretty much begins and ends here.  There's just no one I'd rather have cooking for me on a special occasion than Peter Brave.  He'd have a run for his money if Miles James were closer geographically, but Miles isn't, so Peter doesn't.  I may not eat all day long in anticipation of tonight.

What about you?  What's your go-to answer to the question of where you'd like to eat when you can choose ANY place?

Also?  Where do you find a decent (read: non-plastic) Halloween costume for a kid around here?  She wants to be a "fairy," though if she looked like a butterfly, she'd be just as happy.  I think the wings are the key.

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