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Everything Should Taste Like Bacon



The internet--at least the corners of it that I haunt--are currently abuzz with talk of a new seasoning product out of Washington State, called BaconSalt.  Over Labor Day weekend, a prominent blogger posted a message on Twitter, that simply gave the product's website, and said, "I'm ordering some on Tuesday.  Who's with me?"  Well, a bunch of us were, because, frankly, the idea of bacon flavor with no calories or fat is pretty darn appealing.  Since then, I've found BaconSalt all OVER the internet.  It's a phenomenon.  Don't believe me?  Google it.  93,500 results as of today.  I even had the curiosity to search flickr for the tag "baconsalt," and behold, there were multiple images!  When people start taking pictures of jars of seasoned salt, like I did, something is definitely up.

My first impulse, once I had received and tasted the new product, was to pack some up in a little Ziploc bag, drop it into an envelope, and have it couriered over to the Times offices for Max to try--it's THAT good.  But then I considered the ramifications, in this climate of Homeland Security, of delivering an envelope containing an unidentified powdery substance to a news outlet, and thought better of it.

People, get ye some BaconSalt.  It's high in sodium, but, you know, it's SALT, so that's to be expected. Don't go nuts, just use it in place of where you'd use regular salt.  More accurately than calling it salt, it's a seasoned salt that, in the words of one reviewer, "b***h-slaps the flavor of bacon into EVERYTHING."  I can attest to that.  Our first experiment was with baked potatoes, and since then we've tried it on burgers, in spinach-stuffed pasta shells, and I think we'll be making up a fresh batch of corn macque choux JUST to add BaconSalt to the mix.

The BaconSalt people are fun, too.  They have a blog with tons of recipes, recipe contests, and a product line that includes t-shirts with pigs saying, "thank you" and the phrase "Everything should taste like bacon."

Well, shouldn't it?

(disclaimer--I am in no way affiliated with BaconSalt and have not received any remuneration for this review.  As is true with anything I review, unless the day ever comes when I state otherwise.)

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