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Oh, Those Silly City-Folk...


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If you don't know, we don't get our network satellite feeds from local channels, but rather from east and west-coast network affiliates. So it is that I am privy to this breaking news during the "Dr. Phil" (yes, it's come to that) show:

There is a bull (an actual, live, male bovine, sans udder) running loose on the streets of Newark, New Jersey.

And everyone is acting like it's some kind of big deal. *snicker*

Heck, we have to honk our car horns at goats, chickens and ducks just to get down the street to our driveway every day, and you don't hear us hollerin' about it.  Or see us chasing it with news-choppers, which I'm sure helps to calm the poor fella RIGHT down for ease of capture.

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