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What'd I Miss?


I'm fresh off a five-day hospital stay following a pretty heinous, involved surgery--at 3.5 hours, I'd say my surgeon earned his Health-Advantage-decreed flat fee.  If your life is totally devoid of melodrama, or you'd just like to know how the less-stable half lives, you can hop over to my home blog and read the last 5-7 posts. (Thanks for the visit, DBI.)  I've been...well...upset is a good way to put it.  Yeah: "upset" = "me recently" if, say, "slightly excitable" = "Tom Cruise last spring."

So...I've been in the hospital, and that means I was torn from my nice comfy DirecTV with network feeds from Los Angeles and New York (because we live out in the sticks, and got spoiled to having double network feeds, way before DirecTV was able to offer local stations as part of their lineup--all except for PBS, because those jerks at AETN wouldn't give permission for us to get a PBS feed from ANYWHERE ELSE, and I MISS "FRONTLINE"), and left with a smaller selection of channels, and new exposure to local channels and cable access channels that I didn't even know existed.

Lord help me, I watched the Little Rock (or maybe Pulaski County?) zoning commission deal with new home day-care centers, crosswalks, deciding the installation of double-wide mobile homes outside city limits...it might have been the morphine, but I'm sure I watched this for a good part of the day Friday.  It was mesmerizing.  And I loved that one crusty ol' curmudgeon kept being the single "nay" vote on EVERY SINGLE ITEM.  Who was this guy?  He would ask some irrelevant-to-the-issue question, get an answer, have no followup, and then when the vote came, it would be however-many-to-ONE.  He's the zoning committee grinch!  I want to meet him and rub his tummy and try to make him giggle.  (Have I mentioned that although I'm home, I'm still on a pretty good painkiller regimen?)  I learned that I'm grateful to live down in a holler, where we don't have "next door neighbors" who could go before a grumpy committee and complain about the large appliance on our front porch, or how often our goat gets loose.  You know, if we had that sort of thing happening.  *cough*

BUT.  Truly mesmerizing?  At seemingly random times, especially late at night and the wee hours of the morning--when of COURSE I was watching T.V., because I was in the least-restful environment in the world, the hospital--was a cable access show on a channel "11?"  Or "Access 11?" (**An internet check tells me that this show airs on LRTV, Comcast Channel 11, every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.**)  I'm not sure, since I saw it at weird hours.  Anyway, it's called "The River Market Cooking Show," and it features a little gal named Victoria Gross.  Victoria is a compact bundle of energy, cute as a button, with the most adorably overdone Arkansas accent (I kept wondering to myself, "Do I sound like that?"), and she puts together some great looking meals, most of the components of which are described as "greeaayyt!"  Not only would I hire her to cater a dinner for me, so help me, I'd put her in my pocket and take her home, she's just that cute.   If you have not seen the River Market Cooking Show, you're missing out.  I know I was.  I wish I could get that local access channel on my satellite package.  I'll be checking their website for recipes in the future.

Also:  Tracy Douglas is back on T.V.?  I had no idea.  I haven't seen her since back when we were both active in the Arkansas Arabian Horse Club shows.

Jermain Taylor's Stamp Out Smoking commercials?   HOLEEEE COW.   I would totally TiVo those things and watch them over and over and over again.

I'm impressed that the local channels are apparently now allowing brunettes.  Will wonders never cease?  When did that happen?

Wow.  I've been out of the local media loop for a LONG time, nearly 10 years!  What else have I missed?

Must go catch up on much much TiVo now.  Am LOVING "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" so far, and feel non-committal on pretty much everything else. Any suggestions?  I suppose I'll be sucked into tonight's season premiere of "Lost," dangit, but most important is the season finale of "Project Runway."  Auf Wiedersehen!

(How really pitifully obvious is it that my life for the forseeable future is going to revolve around the idiot box?  Due to the meds, I haven't the power of concentration for lots of reading, and haven't looked at a paper or even the BlogHer site in over a week.  I'm only halfway pretending to be upset about this, you understand, because sometimes?  Being intellectually lazy?  Ees nice.  Hmmmm...I may be gaining an insight into the...oh, never mind.)

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