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Spilling My Guts


Hopefully just some of them--that's what I'll be doing, literally, in a couple of hours.  I'm headed out for some surgery, where some things will be removed, other things will be excised, and still others could be "damaged" by the surgical process and then "repaired" (really - doesn't THAT sound like the fun part?), and expect to be hospitalized at least through the weekend (best-case scenario has me coming home on Sunday, which is what I'll be trying for).  Laptop's going with me, so if anything interesting presents itself, I'll sure blog it.  Or I could just drift in and out of consciousness for a couple of days.  Either way.  I did my final bit of navel-gazing already, and now it's time to actually get dressed and get over there, so...send the good thoughts, prayers, or vibes my way, and I'll catch up with you later!

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