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In Which We Make an Appearance in the News of Our Neighbor


Our neighboring state, that is.  I just stumbled across the following item yesterday while following links in the ongoing debate over Glitz Pageants and their appropriateness for infants, toddlers, and little girls, which is based, presently, at Lindsay Ferrier's fantastic blog, Suburban Turmoil.  There is actually a very civil discussion going on over there right now, which I would encourage everyone who has questions about this topic to check out.

Anyway, I got quite a kick out of seeing my own post, from right here at the Arkansas Times' blog, being referenced and quoted from in the post "Little Girls in Pretty Boxes," at "Nashville is Talking," which is the blog produced by Nashville, Tennessee's WKRN-TV News2.   I share this with you even though I'm not entirely sure that the description, "...a screed of a post..." is an entirely, er...flattering characterization.  Can't argue with the term's accuracy, however, where some of my writing is concerned.

It's been less than a month, and so far being involved with the Times as a Community Blogger has returned some really interesting dividends!  I hope I can give back some of the same.

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