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Bloggers Unite for Massive Memorial Effort



It seemed, in the beginning, like an impossible goal, first imagined by blogger and aspiring writer D.C. Roe:  That to honor the fallen of September 11, 2001, there would be 2,996 individual tributes on each of 2,996 individual blogs.  The response was overwhelming, and the results are...humbling.  Here is a list of over 3,000 participating blogs, along with the names of those who are being honored and memorialized on their blogs.  Most bloggers wound up writing memorials for people they'd never known, but such heart and effort has been put into each one, I defy anyone to get through very many of these memorials tissue-free.

The "blogosphere" is truly powerful, especially when united for a common cause.  The politics of the bloggers participating in the "2996" project run the gamut from "right" to "left" to everything in between, believe me.  All of that is put aside, just for a it was then, just for a little while.

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