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Meeting the Man of My Dreams...


Last Wednesday, my buddy Jeff hooked me up with tickets to see “The Who’s Tommy” at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. He said, “I really think you’ll enjoy it. Great cast, high energy, good music.” What he failed to mention was the probable loss of concentration due to the overwhelming attraction to the lead character, Brian Hissong, who portrays the adult Tommy.   My friends, Ryan and Amanda, and I take our seats pre-show. I take a moment to scan the program and my eyes are immediately drawn to the profile of Brian. I whisper to Amanda while pointing at his photo, “This guy is hot. H-O-T, hot. Just a good picture?” Amanda had seen the show the week before. She leans over and says, “You have no idea. You’re gonna have trouble focusing on the show because he is so freaking perfect. He looks a little bit like Steven (my neighbor whom I’ve mentioned in previous blogs,) but… just wait, you’ll see.” The cast of “Tommy” is attractive in general, so I turn to Amanda and ask, “Is that him?” She chuckles and says, “Uh no. You won’t have to ask. Trust me, you’ll know.” She was right.
 Brian Hissong.
He appears and I am thankful the theatre is dark, masking my “oh-my-wow-he-is-perfect” expression. Amanda gives the “I told you so” nod and I really don’t remember what the show was about once Brian enters stage left. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such an immediate crush and I found myself wondering if he’s left-handed, a good kisser, straight, funny, fun, in town long.
During intermission, my friends and I step outside where I fill Ryan in on the newfound crush. Even Ryan, my straight male friend, says, “Yeah, I can see where you would feel this way. He’s an attractive guy.” We wander back inside where I corner Jeff like a rabid dog, “Okay Jeff, the show is good, you’re right. When did you plan on telling me about Brian? I mean, WOW. Please tell me he likes girls.” Then Jeff dropped the anvil of all anvils, “Oh yeah, he likes girls, one in particular. His wife.” Insert sinking heart here. Jeff continues, “Or, fiancé, eh same thing. She is in the audience.” Insert more sinkage. Suddenly, I hear the Alanis Morisette lyric, “It’s like meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife.” It isn’t ironic, however, but rather, cruel and just my luck.
Brian has sparkling blue eyes, seemingly bluer in contrast with his dark hair and skin. God was in a good mood the day He made Brian. The play runs Wednesday, June 24th thru Sunday, June 28th. Ladies, if you’re feeling masochistic, I’d recommend rushing to the theatre. I might go again, front row and center.    

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