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One Night Stand


Evenings ago, my neighbor Steven and I assisted my sister Audrey with studying. She had created flash cards enabling her to memorize definitions for her health class. One particular definition, “coitus interruptous,” spawned a conversation which eventually led us to the topic of one night stands. The three of us shared identical opinions of one night stands in the three of us are not designed to have random sexual partners. Where our opinions were quite varied surrounded the actual definition of a “one night stand.”      I believe a “one night stand” consists of sex with a person one barely knows. Maybe “barely” isn’t the right word. To future define my opinion, a relationship, be it intimate or otherwise, is not sought or continued. Steven feels a “one night stand” consists of having sexual relations with a person only once, regardless of how well a person does or does not know the other person involved. Audrey’s belief teeters somewhere between the two variances. 
If you are good friends with a person and share your bed only with them only once, Steven argues this is a “one night stand.” Even if the friendship continues without a hiccup, he feels this scenario falls under the ever so icky “ONS” umbrella. I had to shake my head in disagreement. Lines of this nature are often crossed, not by me necessarily, but by the population in general. I think a sexual encounter of this kind is far less disgusting than that of a sexual encounter with a stranger. Even if the moment shared between friends is meaningless one would expect mutual respect and friendship to be shared between the two engaged, an impossible exchange for strangers. And anyway, “one night stands” are so 1969.
The question begging to be asked, are there different levels of "one night stands?" In other words, are we both right? I still don't think so.
I considered really digging deeper on this subject. Thought of polling friends, googling, etc. but I’d rather poll readers on this subject at hand. What defines a one night stand?

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