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Fun Picture Trick



Last Sunday, while in Mephis on Beale Street I had a random thought: How fun would it be to have a picture of everyone looking down while the sky appeared behind us!?

And then it hit me.

Self: Kate, does your camera have a timer?
Kate: Yeah, why?

Then we gathered in a huddle and placed the camera on the ground.
The above picture was our first attempt.

Micah (to the left, sporting the ever so classy "PISS" shirt) doctored the photo a bit using Photoshop. He took the original color photo and laid a black and white copy on top. He then erased portions of the copied black and white to reveal the blue sky of the original. I believe it took him about 30 seconds.

Clockwise from Micah: Russ, Amanda, Jeff, Me (+800 chins), January, Kate, and Mitch.


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