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Ring any bells?



For those of you who watch even a little bit of TV, certainly you've seen the Chesapeake ads and infomercials about how great natural gas drilling is for the environment.  Our own David Koon had this to offer bout the ad-fo-mercials

Though Chesapeake says on its website that the “Citizens” commercials were produced by an independent team that was allowed to draw its own conclusions, given that the campaign was paid for by a major corporation, you can probably guess whose side it tends to root for.

With the look of a newsmagazine piece and former KTHV anchor Anne Jansen serving as host, the Arkansas-themed video is a love song for the gas industry, and it makes a really good sell. Happy store owners in towns like Searcy talk about what a boon drilling has been to their businesses. Realtors and community leaders gush over how the influx of jobs and money has seemingly made those areas immune to the recent fiscal slowdown in the national economy. Ranchers smile about great new gravel roads and fat royalty checks, while workers talk of being hired before they even finish their training to work on a drilling rig.

As always, Colbert is dead on.  His "Prescott Oil" ad will make those familiar with the Chesapeake PR campaign die laughing. 

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