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Not sure about @thecorner



It's the first week for new downtown diner @thecorner (that corner being Markham and Scott), so I'm inclined to cut them some slack. It's a lovely space, completely decked out with new chairs and shiny fixtures, all bright reds and silvers and sparkly new. From looks alone, @thecorner is one of the most attractive downtown dining spaces, well-lit and comfortable.

The food isn't quite there yet, though. They're running a limited menu this week, so I opted for the Corner Classic, a burger that looked quite good at first glance. Fresh spring mix, thin-sliced tomatoes, onions and pickles that looked homemade — I was excited. I took the first bite and noticed just the barest hint of good medium-well pink, which I like. 

But it was just pretty tasteless. Dry, with a whole wheat bun that was drier. Added salt, no good. Added more, just tasted salt. The side chips were fine, but the elevated prices of this "finer diner" meant that small, lean burger just didn't do anything at all for me.

Give them some time, everyone has to work it out. The service is fantastic, so they have a good foundation to build from. But for now, eater beware.

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