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Garden Press is a fresh new way to drink heathy



It doesn't get much more local than Garden Press Juice: cold-pressed juice made from Arkansas ingredients in a juicing machine built in Arkansas. And while I've never been one for juice cleanses or fasts, there's one reason I still drink Garden Press: it's delicious.

I'd seen Garden Press products available at several of our local farmers markets and the Green Corner Store, but it wasn't until I found myself thirsty at Dandelion in the River Market last weekend that I finally took the plunge and bought a bottle of "Dandelion-ade," a tasty mixture of greens and fruit that I'd say was one of the best bottled juices I've ever had. At $7.50 a bottle, it's a pricy drink, but such non-pasteurized freshness makes it worthwhile.

I expected the juice to have a taste and texture of other bottled juice drinks like Odwalla Superfood, but unlike those thick concoctions, this juice was thin, only slightly sweet, and went down very easy. And while I don't see myself making a habit of drinking expensive juice, I can certainly see the appeal. I'm considering buying up a few bottles to use as the base of a fresh smoothie — I'm not much of a breakfast eater, and drinking something on the go fits my speed just fine.

If juice is your thing, or if you're taking part in the "Janopause" detox month, Garden Press is worth taking a look at. It's a healthy and tasty way to keep your purchases local.

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