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Food Feedback Friday: a blind pig and one fine duck




It’s that time again. Our weekly feature in which you get the chance to mouth off on whatever you’ve been eating lately. A little segment we like to call Food Feedback Friday.

Did you check out Michael’s print review of The Blind Pig in West Little Rock? He’s claiming they’ve got some of the finest hot dogs in town. Which reminds me…when is Green Cart Deli going to get down here again? Been too long.

I’ve got the review in this week’s Times—the newest WLR Mediterranean joint, Anatolia. I’ve had a couple fairly uninspiring experiences…but if you’ve had something you’ve enjoyed there, I’d love to hear about it. Don’t want to write them off completely yet.

Hugh Mann had some very high praise for South on Main after his first visit. He describes the ribeye as “perfectly medium rare, and was as succulent as any we've had.” The catfish also gets high marks; he calls it “perfectly cooked, nice and flaky and just lightly seasoned.” I can’t disagree. SoM is probably serving up the finest catfish in Little Rock.

Kevin reports on some fine duck he sampled at Ciao Baci…I was there, it was good.

Your turn. Go forth and feedback.

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