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For local company, snacking is serious business




During a recent trip to Terry’s Finer Foods, I noticed an unassuming red snack bag behind the check-out counter. “WooHoo!” it read. It touted itself as “an extraordinary crunchy nutty snack.” Now this was not the first I’d heard of this product—I’d heard it was something special before. Yet to me, standing there is an entire store full of fantastic products, it appeared rather drab and plain. But this was Terry’s Finer Foods here. Purveyors of some of the greatest product in Little Rock. Surely they would not allow an inferior snack food to take up valuable shelf space were it not living up to Terry’s higher standards. The check-out woman, additionally, spoke very highly of it. “It’s a local product, made right here in Little Rock, and it’s fantastic.” And although I stood there with a hard eye on one of the countertop’s miniature “Pie in the Sky” treats, the kind-hearted woman convinced me to give WooHoo a whirl.

The bag came home with me. I ripped it open, poured it out into a small serving bowl. Looking at it I thought, “It’s just $%#&-ing Chex mix. I’ve been duped.” Then I tasted. This ain’t simply Chex mix, folks.

Sure, the concoction DOES resemble your run-of-the-mill snack product, but ordinary this is not. Many of its components are familiar to your experienced snacker—honey roasted cashews, pecans, sesame sticks, rice and corn cereal, butter, pretzels, and some mysterious blend of “special spices.”

It was the blend of the “special spices” with the honey roasted bits that really made this stuff shine. Each bite was a nice mix of spicy and sweet, with the nutty and buttery flavors of pecans, sesame sticks, and roasted cashews. It was crunchy and crispy, completely cravable—everything you’d want in a respectable snack. All it needs is a cold beverage at its side and a Saturday afternoon football game on the TV.

The stuff did not last long in our home. After a few handfuls, I (foolishly) walked away from the bowl for a moment. I came back to a dish nearly emptied of its savory contents, my wife was also surprised to find how tasty the mixture was.

Keep an eye out for a new flavor of WooHoo, especially around the holidays, as there is talk of them creating a chocolate-coated edition. This is a decision I fully support. But until then, I think you’ll find that this treat lives up to their promise of being an “extraordinary” snack food.

(WooHoo can be found at several locations throughout Arkansas in addition to Terry's Finer Foods, including Eggshells, Courtyard Marriott, and Rhea Drug. Check out the list of locations here.)

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