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Food Feedback Friday: broken rice, banana leaves, and beef jerky




It’s tailgate time people. Football is on everyone’s brain right now. But you gotta eat, right? What are you eating at the game? What are you dragging to your tailgate? There is nothing that makes a football game more enjoyable than a cold drink and good food. You know there will be lots of good eatin’ where I’ll be camped out tomorrow.

So what were you all talking about last week on Food Feedback Friday?

Hugh Mann was quite impressed with the newish Vietnamese joint down on Asher, Mike’s Café. He was particularly fond of his “CO'M TÁM DAC BIET , which consisted of fried shrimp cake, Chinese sausage, pork chop and shredded pork over broken rice.” The fact that I have yet to try this place saddens me deeply, need to rectify this soon. MEnLR visited the new Anatolia in WLR. He had some mixed opinions about the place, calling the beef gyro, “so dry as to lead me to think it was really beef jerky.” He was impressed with the lentil soup, stating that “if they stay in business long enough, I can see myself stopping in on a cold day for some hot lentil soup and warm pita bread.” Numbernine got around to the new Mexican joint out in WLR on Rahling Rd, Cantina Cinco de Mayo, sampling the “quesadillas, fajitas, & taquitos—all were good.” Conwegian reports to us on the return of Banana Leaf and finds that the “dosas are good, the malai kofta on the August menu was fabulous, and a co-worker really liked the biryani.”

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