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Food Feedback ... Sunday?




Uh, ok — yeah. Is this thing on? Oh, right. So, this is Michael, and I know that Daniel usually posts these things on Fridays, but since he's always been a pretty leaky vessel to pour much hope into, he missed doing it this weekend. So now it's Sunday, and I'm sure most of you have just given up on Food Feedback altogether — and who could blame you? I've been pretty disappointed myself, so much so that I've been drowning my sorrows in fried Spam sandwiches and cheap malt liquor all weekend (thanks to the makers of Colt .45, and to Billy Dee Williams, who got me started on the stuff years ago).

So last week, arfoodie discovered that she shared a birthday month with Daniel and myself (Happy Birthday, Christie!), Raven spoke well-deserved praise to the Nuremburger and cheesecake at The Pantry, Big Fun (who brought the lack of a Feedback thread to my attention) had lunch at one of my favorite NLR spots, E's Bistro, Tammy ate it up in Hot Springs, and several of you just missed one another over cold eggs at The House. You can catch up with the whole sordid affair here.

Before I turn it over to all of you, I'd like to give a special thanks to Zara Abbasi, the host of an informal pie contest that Dan and I both attended yesterday. People from all walks of life brought their pies together to battle for dessert supremacy, and while my Dulce de Leche Banana Cream wilted a bit in the heat of the day, Dan's Momofuku Crack Pie was quite a hit. And while neither of us took home a prize, it was still a wonderful event — so thanks to Zara and her husband John for lettings us into their lovely home.

I'm headed to Bernice Garden today to check out a new food truck, the Waffle Wagon. What are you all up to?

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