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Food Feedback Friday: rumors, ragu, and Riverfest



Rib plate from Sims BBQ
  • Rib plate from Sim's BBQ

We hope everyone had a spectacular Memorial Day earlier this week, but what we really want to know is, what were you eating? I was fortunate enough to attend a whole hog roast at the North Little Rock home of some dear friends…best whole hog I’ve ever eaten, fabulous food all around (and our friend and Eat Arkansas reader, hillbilly pharmacist, had a hand in this feast as well). Everyone should have friends who roast whole hogs, trust me. And this coming weekend, me ‘n the boys will be doing a whirlwind tour of Memphis, eating our way through the entire city. The plan is to cram in 15 restaurants in two days…we’ll see if we return with our colons intact. How did you spend the week? Did you nab any great eats?

Here’s your chance to give us the dish on all your favorite eats around town. Lots of great new arrivals to the Little Rock dining scene—Chuy’s, The Fold, Gus’s Fried Chicken. We recently got report from a friend that the much-anticipated Mamacita’s in the Heights (5923 Kavanaugh Blvd), former home of Satellite Café/Seoul Korean Cuisine/Heights Café, opened its doors to the public last night. We’re working on getting an official report ASAP. And the our friend, Sammy, hinted that Matt Bell's Oxford American restaurant, South on Main, will be opening its doors July 1st—to which I say, about bloody time.

Last week on FFF, we heard about pork ragu and polenta from The Pantry, the “can’t be beat” catfish at Burge’s, the fabulous funnel cakes from Flossie’s at Riverfest, a bodacious banh mi from The Root, and a cheeseburger basket from The Box.

Where’ve you been eatin’ this week?

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