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Twin Peaks busting out in Little Rock?



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When the Cozymel's at 10 Shackleford Drive closed, rumors surfaced that the space had been purchased by Dallas-area chain Twin Peaks. A recent twitter exchange between Meggie Miller of the Twin Peaks training staff and Eat Arkansas confirms this rumor, although no official word was forthcoming other than a June opening and a promise of more information in April. The Twin Peaks website already has a page up for the West Little Rock store, however, with an address of...10 Shackleford Drive, which means that all the bros and lonely middle-aged men in town will no longer have to drive all the way to North Little Rock to gawk at the girls at Hooter's.

I admit, I was ignorant of this "Twin Peaks" place prior to the Twitter exchange — to me, "Twin Peaks" was an early 90s David Lynch show that briefly made Kyle MacLachlan famous and put the phrase "who killed Laura Palmer" into our national lexicon. Turns out that these days, the name is just another cutesy euphemism for the female anatomy, employing young women dressed up in skimpy tops and short shorts. This sort of thing is apparently rather popular down in Dallas, where Twin Peaks originates, earning it and other places like it the sobriquet "breastaurants," which really goes a long way in cementing my hereditary distrust of Texas. The irritating jackassery continues with the restaurant's motto: "Eats. Drinks. Scenic views." Oh, my sides.

But why get upset about it? Little Rock is no stranger to such things, from our seedy strip clubs to the school-girl themed outfits worn by the "Beer Goddesses" at the Flying Saucer. After all, nobody's forcing these women to work there, and if men are stupid enough to part with their hard-earned cash for a brief look at some skin while they stuff their faces with burgers and beer, so be it. At the same time, it's a bit disappointing that in my efforts to bring all of you news about what's new in Little Rock food, all I have to offer you today is a bit about a T and A theme park masquerading as a restaurant. But if "clever" T-shirts emblazoned with double-entendres is your thing (example: a deer head with the caption "Twin Peaks Rack Addict"), then I'm sure you're as happy as can be with this news.

And for those of you who just want to cut directly to the chase, I think the Paper Moon down on Mablevale Pike offers a daily buffet.

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