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Food Feedback Friday: Curry, cabeza, and cupcakes




In case you forgot, it’s Friday everyone. Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend. I’m not going to hide my elation any longer. But what’s even more exciting than the prospects of a care-free weekend? I’ll tell ya’ what, Food Feedback Friday! The most hotly anticipated and often controversial food forum on the World Wide Web. There are many wonderful reasons to be excited about eating in Arkansas, and we’re here to help make the universe aware of them. Join us, fellow foodies, as we share with each other our experiences around the local dining scene in Arkansas. Who’s watching the Oscars this weekend? Personally, I’m always a devoted viewer. Plus, it gives me 3 hours to sit on my couch eating junk food and watch glitzy dresses and chic tuxes. Hey, Lays is making “chicken and waffles” potato chips…that could be interesting. Anyone out there making any particularly interesting Oscar night treats?

Last week on Food Feedback Friday, we had a nice little discussion on Indian cuisine. He heard some rather favorable words regarding Star of India with a number of favorable reviews for their Chicken 65, as well as tikka masala, and kachumbar salad. Others had kind words for Taste of India and Taj Mahal, while there were mixed opinions on the offerings at Curry in a Hurry. We also had some encouraging feedback on the cabeza torta at Mercado San Jose, which remains my personal favorite of all the Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at in Little Rock. We heard excellent things about the sea bass at Trio’s, pho and Van Lang, impeccable pasta at Vesuvio, quality cupcakes at Mickey’s Special Affairs (also a personal favorite), and a stellar lunch option from Igibon.

Please share with us what you’re eating this weekend. We always love to hear from you and we, here at Eat Arkansas, are always honored to be a part of this food community.

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