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What? Racist Seat Belts?



Yeah, I'm back, thanks for kicking the corpse, still alive...

Ummm, what the F? NAACP is lobbying against a seat belt law that would allow the police to pull you over for not wearing one.  Okay?

I understand that the NAACP is thinking and saying that, hey, police could use that law to pull over minority drivers to harass them or try to find them doing something wrong.  I can also see the logic in not allowing them to pull you over for not wearing a seat belt gives them one less excuse for making unwarranted harassing stops.

But does the NAACP not think wearing your seat belt should be inforced?  No, I know they aren't, but this seems a little silly to me.  You should be wearing your seatbelt.  Why aren't you wearing your seatbelt?  And I'm sure the law would be optional for the officer and then we would get some statistics telling us more minorities were stopped for not wearing their seatbelts than white folks.  And no one wants that, but come on, if you're wearing your seatbelt what's the fuss.  It's like saying, you can't inforce on law to protect against another?  I don't know, it just sounds like an awkward cause...

This was not what I intended to post, but that's what came out cause I just read it... hmmmmm... still not back in the groove...


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