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Alltel Arena?



So now that Verizon has become the Godzilla of American Cellphonery, what's going to happen to Alltel Arena?  Will Verizon keep the sponsorship tie-in, will someone else step up and buy it or will it retain the Alltel name (which I'm sure it can't after the deal is up as the name is now property of Verizon, right?)

May I suggest:
Verizon Veranda: Verizon Dome (because we could all say, we're going to the VD tonight, which is funny.  Yes, I know it's not a real dome, work with me); Thunderdome - North Little Rock; Two Rocks Arena?  Argenta Arena.  NLR Hippodrone?  Bootzies Good Time Fun Shack?

Well, whatever, I'll be curious to see, that's a lot of money to spend in a recession that could be better put into, I don't know, reception inside a person's house...

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