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I can smell the change in the air..



Sweet, sweet, sweet hell!  My original post just got deleted thanks to my SUPER SWEET internet setup at work, which is the worst.  I don't have tabbed browsing if that tells you what we're working with.  Not to mention the "brain trust" I'm surrounded by...

Anyway, just putting in my two cents on the Election, 2008.  I for one will be glad that it's over, I'm so exhausted from politics, two years, too long.  I'm glad to hear everyone, for the most part, that I know is having an easy time voting and I think you can really smell the change in the air... that's Obama, take a big whiff.  It's time for the Republicans to take their toys and go home and let the adults clean up their mess.  Hmmm things I'm looking forward to NOT missing when Obama takes the wheel.

Also, to the few people I have spoken to who totally think Palin is a competent leader ready to take over should McCain die in office.  Listen very carefully: YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DAMN MIND. 

Finally, I would like to throw a shout out to my #1 lady, Hillarry Clinton, you gonna be okay Hillz, you gonna be okay! 

I hope you went out and voted today and I hope you voted B-Rock. 

Yay democracy! M.R.




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