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Mad Men and 30 Rock, all up in some Emmys



Mad Men wins!  Mad Men wins the Emmy for best drama! YAY! I didn't predict this on here, but I could have told you this show was going to win.  There is so much going on and it is so beautiful to watch.  It really does take you to another time and place where the smallest details are looked after and you start to feel a little uncomfortable being inside these characters' lives.  I will say that the new season isn't as fast and furious as the first, but in many ways it's getting more interesting with an expansion into other characters' lives in and out of the office, especially with a new thread of changing attitudes of women and their role in the home and the workplace.  With a strong collection of female characters and actresses, this may become the prevailing theme of Season Two. 

If you aren't watching Mad Men, you are mad.  Go get Season 1 and start catching up on Season 2.  Probably online on AMC or when they do encores, which is like all the time.


30 Rock wins!  30 Rock won for best comedy at the Emmy's and I think this was a shoe-in.  With the relative dillution of the Office as the best show on television (mind you I think we all know they're winding down over there, not to say it's not hysterical still, there's just too much going on outside of the show with all the, now, stars that its inevitable the show is going to get a little less sharp); I think it was no surprise Tina Fey's 30 Rock has risen to the top as the best comedy on television this year and one of the best of the decade. 

I don't know how she does it, but she does, she is one of the funniest people in this country and probably the world.  She has it dialed up and on conference call.  Here is a prediction you can hold me to, when and if Lauren Michaels ever decides to retire (and/or die, because frankly I think he may be able to cheat death, he's that smart) I predict that Tina Fey will be given the reins to Saturday Night Live and thus become (if she isn't already) the most powerful woman in comedy and quite possibly the most powerful person in comedy.

The only thing I haven't seen her do and I'm sure will be in the works, is some sort of internet venture of her own, be it a series on or whatever.  I expect great things of her, terribly funny, yes! but great.

Other yeeehas! for me on the Emmy's:

Of course Tinay Fey as best actress and best writer awards for 30 Rock! Do your thing girl!

Alec Baldwin - Supporting Actor on 30 Rock.  A pleasure to watch, he slays me every episode.

Jean Smart as Regina Newly on Samantha Who?  She's great, good show, but with Christina Appelgate's cancer diagnosis, no word on it's return... I'll have to google that.

Don Rickles - Mr. Warmth - Oustanding Individual Performance in a Variety Program - good Don Rickles, still laying it down well into his 70's, and that kid did some hard living back in the day, holla.

Glenn Close - Damages - Lead Actress - ummm, yeah, I think we all saw that coming.  She's the best, what are you gonna do ladies?

Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad - (AMC oh look at that another one on that channel, might want to start turning over to AMC huh?) - he's great, just great, i want to give him a big hug for all the enjoyment I've gotten from his work.

Things I wish were never on air let alone give Emmys: Dancing with the Stars.  Stop the maddness.

Well, another year, another Emmy's missed, I'm just too busy these days, but my shows did well, save LOST, maybe that will be a wake up call for JJ to stop ignoring what got him to the big kid table.  Just like with ALIAS, he's letting the end of the show slip away because of new projects, sad really, LOST could go down as one of the greastest shows in the history of television if he'll make sure to keep a tight ship and not pour all the focus into the movies and FRINGE, which I enjoy as well, I just hope there is still good work going on with LOST, which LOST a little something last season with some muddled episodes.





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