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Hurricane in Arkansas? Wait, what?



Global Warming Exists.  Period.

Unless you are a complete psychotic-nutcase homeschooling you children to believe that God intended the polar bear to die and it's the Lord's divine will to melt the ice caps, you have got to start paying attention to global warming.  Why? Hurricanes in Arkansas.

When the hell did we have to start worrying about hurricanes in Arkansas?  I don't remember when I was  a kid it raining three straight days because of a "tropical depression" coming through?  What the F?  And this past weekend, what the hell was that?  Suddenly we're on the dirty side of the storm?  What?  There's no beaches here?  Wait, this isn't fair.

I mean if we're going to have the ill effects of hurricanes, I want the perks, I want an ocean, I want a beach, I want sunny, 80 degree days with decent humidity.  It's not fair to be landlocked and have to deal with ice storms and have to deal with stupid remnants of hurricanes that knock down trees, flood everything and take out power for three days.  Screw that noise.  So start thinking green people, because global warming is coming fo yas.

And furthermore, why, oh why are we talking about drilling for more and more oil to refine in more and more refineries that are shutdown or destroyed by more and more storms?  Maybe we should think about finding a renewable energy source that won't shoot up in price everytime there's hurricane in the Gulf or the Mid-East decides to squeeze us... hmmm, where's that platform Obamma? 




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