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Chrome, anyone?



So, Google, the company that is slowly but surely taking over the world, has released the beta version of their own web browser, called Chrome.  Check it out by going here:

However, what I think is surprising is that when one searches for "Chrome" on the old googler, the first result is Chrome Bags, a highish end messenger bag company out of San Francisco:

Imagine everyone who will search for Chrome and see their intriguing little site come up first and then go check it out, and start thinking, hmmmm, $150 for a backpack isn't that much when it's waterproof... I bet their September sales are way up, just you watch.

I guess you're going to see me with some chrome on my back too.

Both Chromes look great, though Google has been catching some flack on this latest creation, but like all things Google, it's in Beta and will be until your kid's kids are off to college, so don't worry, they'll get them fixed, meanwhile Microsoft and Firefox roll their eyes and wait for that market share to start slipping.

Beware, there has been some talk about Chrome having some security flaws, so you may not want to go anywhere you don't really know on it.  On a curious note, Chrome and the Yahoo! front page didn't seem to get along real well last night when I tried there, after a few pages into Yahoo! sports things got better, but it is interesting as other sites I went to look the same or better.  I'll be keeping it around as a toy for now, but all my biz is still gonna have to be on Firefox for now.

   If only Google would make a phone... oh wait, they are...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the internet is fun, it's not just for porn anymore, though porn is still widely available. (Sorry, no link, this is a family blog)

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