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Yellow Book, NO! You go away!


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So, after a reader comment, I got all hyped up, cause I haven't had one in so long and this meant someone read and entry so I wasn't just talking to myself; anyway, I found this page from the "Yellow Pages" that will let you opt out of getting phonebooks automatically, I think that's pretty cool, so go there and help fight waste



OMG.  Yellow book, leave me ALONE!  Have they been coming by your office lately?  They are totally killing me, they've been here three times.  The first time I took two to be polite, you know, cause they came in and stuff with them.  The second time I was like, "You guys were just here last week, I think we're good on second tier phone books that are outdated by the time their published".  Okay, that's what I was thinking, I probably said, "No, we're good, thanks."  But thanks was real sarcastic and Seinfeldian.  But just now, a third person pops in with a dolly of them and I'm like, "Whoa.  No.  We don't want any of those things, in fact here's two from the first time you came, take them back, we have our SBC/AT&T book and we're good." 

He tried not to take them, but I was insistent on him taking them before Iwould sign his sheet that said he'd come by to attempt delivery.  Seriously, I haven't used a phonebook to look up a number in years anyway... see there's this new fangled thing called the "internet" all the cool kids are using.

FYI:  Currently loving Swingtown on ABC and currently wanting to blow up Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods.  None of thos girls should have made it through the first round of a real audition process, now one of them is going ot be on Broadway?  Sigh. 

Someone bring me some gellato! Make it so! - MR


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