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Audition - Transamerica


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This movie is great!  Well, if you like freakshows and Japanese films where we have like an hour of creepy, polite, weird, uncomfortable, awkward build up to 40 minutes of complete genius and gore and freakness.  I high recommend this film if you are into horror, etc. GREAT!


Now, see, I didn't know what this was about, I mean I knew it was about transexuals in some way, but I didn't know the specifics.  The story was good, the acting was superb and the issue was not beaten into your head, it was like, this is a story and one of the characters is a man that wants to be a woman, by the way.  See this movie if you can separate your conservative Christian beliefs and entertainment, the rest of you, have at it.

WARNING or BONUS: Depending on who you are and how you feel about nudity, there is some in this movie, not ALOT but some, and it's really suggestive but in most of those situations there's so much more going on that the scene isn't really about that.  Whatever, I'm not your mother.





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