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Doodle for Google Contest



So I'm on Google today, because who isn't, and I found this. Which is a contest for school kids to redraw the Google logo.  You know, for special occasions and junk, Google will redraw the logo all funky and now they have a contest for kids to do it, based on the theme "What if?", and some of their stuff is pretty cool...


And last, but not least, from Arkansas!  Hannah Newsom, Glenwood Homeschool, who's doodle is described as: What if….everything I drew came to life? Then every time I drew a person they could get up and talk to me. If ever I drew an elephant , a snake, or a butterfly, I could keep it as a pet in my backyard.  Hannah is in the Grades 7-9 category, Region 7, so go over to Google and vote for her doodle.  Dang Google and their great ideas...

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