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A good home..



I received the following email today about a good home for a good dog.  If you know anyone looking, here's a great chance to get a sweet puppy and do some good for someone else. - mad luv, Mr. Rickey.  PS:  Promise to be back soon...


     It seems like every time I visit my oncologist's office his nurse tells me about another person who is having to make a huge life change because of illness, and they are having to give up their canine companion in the process. These stories break my heart, and I wonder what would happen to my precious pups in a similar situation. And, what would I feel?

     This time the dog is a little 20 pound All American named Skipper. His human has gone into assisted living and was going to have him put down because he has never been without her. Her neighbors asked her to let them feed him and let him live in the house alone until they could find a place for him. That's where things are now. She is in assisted living, he is living in the house alone. The neighbors work all day and let him out in the AM and PM and feed him. It turns out we share the same vet, so I talked with the vets office about Skipper. He is healthy, but he is probably 10 or 11. That makes finding a home for him a challenge. Skipper is reported to love all people and to be okay around other animals - as far as the vets office could tell when he has been boarded there. They had tried to find a home, but it fell through because the person had to move and couldn't take him. Skipper has a little quirk - he smiles. When he gets excited he pulls back his lips and shows his teeth. I haven't seen this, but everyone who tells me about Skipper is delighted by it. So, if you know anyone who can help, please contact me. I'm hoping in all our network of dog lovers out there, we can find a home for little Skipper. My number is 940-7165. Thanks, Scarlett

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