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Hulujah! Hulu!



Not sure if you've heard about, some of the big networks', mainly NBC and it looks like Fox, new YouTube! alternative.

Apparently, and this is just from the tidbits I've read and what I've seen on the Hulu beta site (I've signed up for Beta testing, but I doubt they'll ever get to me) the networks are taking back their shows' presence on the internet and trying to make some scrilla off of it.  Though, in the sample video of the Office, I haven't seen any commercials yet, but my connection here is for crap and I can't stand the choppy video I'm getting. 

I suspect in the future, there will be some kind of commercial component laced into the shows, but you know, I'm okay with that, commercials is why we have great television shows, unless you pay for HBO and stuff and then you have them because you directly fund them.  I'm all for letting Johnson & Johnson and GE fund television, or netvision or whatever they will come up with to call it.

Anyway, beta testing started on October 28th, so no word on official launch for the general public.  But from the front page, the content advertised looks like the bomb.

Here's just a list of the shows that showed up when I went there, they change each time you refresh, so who knows what all they'll have when it actually launches:

The Office, K-Ville, The Riches, Conan O'Brien, Inside The Actor's Studio, The Pretender, Journeyman, My Name Is Earl, Dr. 90210, Jay Leno, Friday Night Lights, 30 Days, Monk, Picket Fences, Bones, Damages, HEROES, Chuck, American Dad, Family Guy... I could go on, but basically anything owned by Fox and NBC... which is a lot of good stuff.   Curiously, I have yet to see The Simpsons or Friends on there...

See the official CEO's blog for the latest. And a preview of the video player.  Wait, I'm going to try and embed it on here, we'll see how this goes over with the Moveable....  anyway, you can create your own clips of a show to embedded on your site or wherever, that's pretty cool...


Check it out yourself, this could be the next evolution in entertainment.  Legitimate, non-copyright infringing entertainment....

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