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La, la, la... I should post something, right?



Well, it's been almost a month and I'm postless, and I shouldn't be, tons has been going on.  Unfortunately maintaining my somewhat undercoverness doesn't allow for many details so let's just say I've been working on theatrical endeavors, playing kickball, putting out fires, propping up friends going through hard times, trying to figure out my own life and watching a lot of the new fall television season.

Let's see, speaking of T.V. since it's the least emotional thing... HEROES, again, really good, don't know exactly where we're going, but I'm on board, except I really wanted Sylar to be dead, I thought for once, we would get a show that would be all like "we said it would be over at the end of this season and it is, period.", but I knew when he died in the final episode last season it was complete b.s., no villain goes out that easy, sad really. 

Friday Night Lights is also rocking my socks off and is one of the few shows that I actively talk aloud to the show during.  "Ummm, you better get yourself in that house missy, out til 2 a.m. with college boys, mmmm hmmm, you need a good whooping..."  That show is heroin, best thing on television, seriously, Kyle Chandler's Emmy?  Hello, seriously, was it lost in the mail? 

Big Bang Theory, totally cracking me up.  Samantha Who?  With C. Applegate, don't know if I'm sold on it, but there were some funny parts.  So wish my TIVO would record Chuck, it refuses, I've tried and tried, it always says there's a conflict and I'm like, no there isn't, I'm not recording KVille anymore and there are two tuners, but apparently it doesn't manage channel changing the same way I would, I don't know, very disappointed in the TIVO on Mondays...

And please, someone stop the Cavemen madness.  You replaced the original actors with "talent" and the show is just not that funny and the gag is wearing off, especially since they aren't making any great statements about race relations or second class citzenry in society.  And I may be getting bored with Grey's Anatomy, seriously, I think it's starting to happen, I don't know why, but I am... no, I love me some Chandra Wilson and Sarah Oh, no, get better!  Men in Trees, again, I cannot help but like that show, don't know why, but I do.  Others that are still being watched Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies, Big Shots, Ugly Betty, The Office, 30 Rock, Damages, Moonlight, Brothers and Sisters, etc. 

 Okay, Race for the Cure was this weekend, biggest participation ever, tons of research money, yay!  However, one of my friends believes that there will never be a cure for breast cancer because the "fight" against it creates so much revenue.  Think about it, all that pink merchandise people snap up to help fight cancer, some of those proceeds go to big businesses selling that stuff all over the world.  Pink equals green, and a lot of it.  Now, don't get me wrong, I want a cure for cancer as much as the next person, but there's sense in that argument.  You get more money out of a long term treatment that a cure.  I'm not saying conspiracy theory, but I'm saying...

Ummm, could people stop cheating on their significant others?  That would help me out a lot as I have been holding it down for two friends whose significant others decided to brazenly cheat on them with little or not apology or shame.  I was insensed (sp), I mean flip my lid pissed and I wasn't the one who got cheated on.  I have to say that we avoided any physical confrontations and though hearts have been broken, friendships breached and all, we will hopefully all come out the other side of the storm intact.  Still, quit doing this.  Just break up with the person you are dating if you don't want to be dating them anymore, don't be a trashy trasherson and cheat on them, trashy.[makin me sit up till 3AM with people talking them down from stuff and consoling and reassuring and being a good friend and all because you were trashy, why I oughta...]

I loved how everyone was totally excited Arkansas won its first SEC game, like, whoosh, we got that monkey off our backs, super, now on to the National Championship..... WHAT!  Hello, am I the only on insanely pissed at the lack of urgency or concern over the situation on the Hill?  Well, this being said as I haven't read a blog or a sports column in about a month... anyway, hello, Earth to Off. Coord., even if you have the best to RBs in college, you can't expect them carry the entire team all the time, you do need to actually pass the ball and I don't know, get someone who can catch it... two words, Peyton Hillis. 

I especially love how everyone in the SEC is in the top 25 except for us, well not true, but still Kentucky, South Carolina and Alabama?  I mean guys come on, apparently we were not that good this year or we didn't catch enough breaks, but this is ridiculous.  And pretty soon we won't have the running game of the gods with us anymore, then what do we do?  Rely on special teams?????

Also, why, oh why, must I always find the people who are completely unavailable and uninterested in me to consume my thoughts, while those chasing after me bore me to tears.... the heart rarely wants what it can already have...sigh....


The Rep has two good shows going on, Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park and Children of A Lesser God, both showcasing local acting talent, do go out and support their limited runs. for more info and tickets.

Well, that's all for right now, I'm trying to get back into the swing of junk, MrR.

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