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Please Stand By: The New Season Is Upon Us....



The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated....

Yeah, I've been out for a couple of weeks, busy, busy, busy, went on a trip and all, saw some friends, etc.  It was fun, and then both my work and home computers were messed up so I was without access for about a week...and I totally lost the link to login to the blog so there, I'm an idiot, that's why I've been gone, the four of you can stop worrying...

But now I'm back, by unpopular demand, and raring to go, and what's going on! 


Here are my picks, by day of the week (I'll post these daily hopefully so as not to have one, huge dissertation of a post):
Sundays (not including Football that I'll be flipping to or watching while the shows record)

Simpson, Family Guy - Come on, staples, these two shows are the best.

Brothers and Sisters -  Sally Fields didn't win an Emmy for nothing, as I predicted
    she was the best thing on tv last year.  Watch out for Glenn Close
    in Damages (FX) at the next Emmy's.



 KVille -  I've watched the pilot, I'm willing to give it a chance.  And it's set
               in New Orleans, and we all know I love me some NOLA.

CHUCK -  Looks hysterical
HEROES -  Need I say more?
Journeyman -  it's on right after HEROES, I might as well, it's not blowing my skirt up yet.


Big Bang Theory - I saw the pilot on a preview thing and while I was orginially skeptical about the concept, I think it will be pretty funny, and the actors are great.
CBS Monday Comedy  (as a whole)

Let me just say, I like these shows, I do, Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Sheen, John Cryer, Julia Louis Dreyfus, David Spade, come on, what's not to like, I think I at least spelled Spade's name right.  Anyway, I don't record them (well I do Big Bang Theory) because 1) they'll be re-run in the summer and 2) they'll be in syndication until my kids hit high school. 

Check your local listings for times, usually I went 7 - 9pm in order....

I watched part of the Family Guy one-hour Star Wars episode, and it was hysterical.  If you missed it, be prepared to purchase the DVD when it comes out.  Old Dirty Man was Obi Wan, it was hysterical.  Lucas must be a fan because there is no way they could have cleared rights for all of that without getting his approval.  That's all I caught Sunday, except for my Fantasy Football team crashing and burning.  Peyton, why has thou forsaken me?

Stay tuned for Tuesday's TV picks and watch as I amaze you with the retarded amount of television I watch.

PS:  I watched Survivor: China on a whim.  First of all, they totally give them their clothes after the "surprise" them and say you only get the clothes on your back.  They gave them their running shoes and other stuff.  Screw that, if you don' t know by now that you need to be wearing what you want to wear in the jungle for 39 days when you step onto the first plane to go to wherever you're going for Survivor, you are an idiot and deserve to be without a bra or in high heels or wearing 20lb biker boots or a $1,300 Armani suit.  Who wears a frickin suit to Survivor?  Tards. 

I say whatever you have on is what you have on, we ain't bringing you none of your stuff fools.  And we're not giving you fire until you go get your torches.  You should be able to start a fire.  And don't vote off the old chicken farmer from Virginia who knows how to do stuff in the wild the first day when the crappy waitress from NYC is throwing up and complaing the whole time.  And then one of them wouldn't participate in a welcome ritual at a Buddist temple because she wanted to be Christ-like and not worship false idols.  This is after they were all assurred, by the show, it was not a religious ceremony.  And after she had already begun participating.  This is the sort of crap that gives Americans a bad name.  Now when I go to Catholic mass, I don't do communion and junk, I just sit there respectfully and enjoy seeing how other denominations do things.  I did sing at the predominantly African American baptist church I went to, and it was off-key, but they let me.  And if someone as a welcome ceremony, I'll do that.  If you don't have enough faith in your religion to believe "God" or whatever is going to send you to hell for lighting some incense, bow a few times and ringing some bells, then you don't need to be on a reality show, you need to be talking to your pastor about your issues with faith.  Uhhhh, please don't leave the United States if you are just going to force your culture on the place you are VISITING.... hello, George W., that  means you too.

Freaking idiots, I swear, making it hard for the rest of us to get directions in Italy...... Mr. Ricky, I'm back, beware!


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