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More proof civilization is breaking down...



Well, this is a little bit of a vent, and a little bit of what I was actually going to post about, but whatever, here it is:

So I'm at work today and a dude comes in the office to inquire why there are no payphones in the buildings anymore.  I tell him what I tell everyone who comes in these days, the phone company, which owned the payphones, removed them because they weren't making any profit.  Well, he said the was bullshit and wanted to use my phone.  I told him what I tell everyone else (except for kids or the elderly), that it's our office policy not to allow the public to use our office phones, but there are public phones across the street at the gas station and the restaurant (a two-three minute walk, tops, and this is 10:30, so it's not even super hot yet).  Well he launches into a wall-eyed fit of rage.  Screaming...yes, screaming ladies and gentlemen, at me for not letting him use the business phone.  Mind you, this is not some elderly gentlemen with a little dimentia who needs to call his daughter to pick him up, nor is it a lost kid who needs to call their parents, this a grown man screaming at me for following a policy I have no control over.

Then he wants to know if I'll lose my job if he uses the phone (I wanted to say, "I wish, but they'llprobably just make me work more." But the new woman was up front and I just wanted this dude to leave before they got into it and I had to save her)  I told him that wasn't the issue, the issue was the policy is not to allow the public to use the office phones and if I let him use it, then I would naturally have to let anyone use it and then my phone becomes a public phone and that isn't good for the office.  Well, he liked that answer about as much as having bamboo shoots shoved under his fingernails.  He proceeded to tell me, in not so many words, I wasn't a good person and that there should be phones for public use in the building, blah blah blah blah.  Then he left, slamming the door and starting my week off with a wonderously negative experience.

So now I'm here, not really pissed off, but like, what the hell?  Why do I put up with this? Do people think this is what I love to do, sit here and get yelled at because they are inconvenienced by a corporate policy I had nothing to do with writing?   Screw these people who think just because you are the first person they see in an office, you need to get yelled at, demeaned, blamed and begged for everything going wrong in the world.  Guess what, when you walk into any office, anywhere, the odds are the first person you meet has no authority over anything, thus why they're the first to feel the brunt of your anger.  The decision makers are in the back pretending to be busy so they won't have to deal with a situation until it refuses to go away or picks up a chair and tosses it across the room (true story).  I'm like a public filter to the office and this morning I got clogged.  I want a big sign on the door that says, "If you want anything not directly related to the business of this office, turn around and go ask someone else, we are not buying anything, donating anything, allowing you to use anything, borrow anything or leave anything with us "for just a minute", sorry, but that's the sort of world we live in, have a super day." 

And yelling? Don' t yell at the person in reception if you want results or even to be able to speak with someone who might be able to affect some sort of change, you'd better be civil and patient while they try to find someone.  This fool just laid into me like I had just revoked his powerball winnings because he let his kid buy the ticket.

I mean, when you go in somewhere to ask for help, like real help, like something that their business is not in the business of, i.e. free phone calls to your friends or whatever, you shouldn't come in with the attitude of "You don't have payphones and you have to because this is a public place so let me use your phone!"  That's not what we do here, we are not SBC.  And once someone has declined to help, don't get all up in theire gravy just because they said no.  I mean I could have let him use my cellphone, I could have told him he could go to the Sprint store and use a demo phone to make a call, or that there were courtesy phones in the hotel, but no, he wanted to "show me" how wrong I was so he didn't get that information and is now probably hoofing it to wherever he was suppose to be. If you are refused, and people can refuse to help you, this is America, one should say thank you and formulate where they might be able to find assistance next.  Being a jerk never pays.


I totally erased the rant about this friend of mine that climbed over me to get to some of my other friends after reportedly telling people we were best friends, though, I try not to use my best friends to get to their friends and then treat them poorly after I get where I want.  Now, I erased the tirade because it was bad vibage, if that's how someone needs to be, that's how they need to be.  I'm over it, I'd rather know who my friends really are than believe they are true blue until I need them and the flake.  Also, a lot of people are starting to see this is exactly what happened and the plan is backfiring on said friend.  Don't forget the people that helped you up along the way, burning bridges and climbing on backs leads nowhere.

Also, just for future reference, I stand by the part of the rant directed to some other former friends who got mad because they're girlfriends or girls they thought were their girlfriends hit on me, out of the wild blue yonder, and then after I told them so they would know the deal about "the one", they got mad at me and sided with the lady.  Whatever, I was trying to put boro's before ho's and look what it got me.  Thus, I am in the acquaintance biz from now on.

Whatever, that's it, I'm done, I really think I'm  meant to be a hermit, I have no luck with people.  So I'm have a pretty shitty Monday, the week should be fantastic, confidentially, and I needed to get some of that out of the system. 

Thanks, treat each other right ya'll, Mr. R. 

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