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Oh, Oprah...


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From Yahoo! Entertainment news, worthless drivel about Oprah and the death of her two year-old golden retriever, based on a story about the same in O Magazine.

Apparently, Oprah's "dog walker" was walking her dog with several other dogs that may or may not have been hers and it choked on a small plastic ball that belong to Oprah's cocker spaniel.  This tragic event has impressed upon Oprah how she needs to enjoy life, and I qoute: "This dog lived every moment as though it were her last."

I have yet to meet a dog that was "working too hard" and never had anytime to "enjoy life and relax".  My dog doesn't seem to be really stressed out about sleeping on the back of the couch or eating linguini from the side of the table.  I know she's been a little concerned about killing her "Squeka", after the first squeaking device, that was expertly killed after two years, was replaced.  Now, she has reduced the new squeakers ability to squeak, but it is still in need of killing.  She's also very concerned about the backyard squirrel problem, I think it's on her "to-do" list.  Oh and "going", she needs to go everywhere the van goes, if the van is going somewhere, she needs to be in it.  However, I don't think she's taught me to slow down a smell the roses, maybe urinate on them and then eat some grass by the pine trees. 

So do you think she had the dog walker "dealt with"?  Oh Oprah...




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