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Stop! Potter-time, oh-oh,oh-oh, oh



     And what am I doing tomorrow, you might ask?  That's right, going to see HP and The Order of the Phoenix, which has already had a write up by Arkansas Times fellow blogger, Belinda over at Ninjapoodles Local.  I don't care what she says, I'm still going, and I can't freakin wait!!!!!!!!  One of the dudes I work with, his wife and daughter went to see it a row, they just got right back in line....and then went back last night to the late show...I guess it's a matter of taste, who knows, I will report back on my like or lack there of what is supposedly "the darkest Potter film yet."  That's what I keep reading when I inadvertently see something about the film on the en-tra-nats.  Hmmm, well, let's see, if you read the book, reviewer person who gets paid way too much money to state the obvious, then you would know, yes, the on-going saga of Harry Potter gets increasingly darker....BECAUSE THERE IS A WAR COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  What is wrong with these Squibs?

     Anyway, that's not what this post is about, this post is about me re-reading Order of the Phoenix, all 870 pages this week when I should have been doing things like, I don't know, sleeping?  And once again, I have realized that J.K. Rowling is a literary crack dealer.  I don't know how she does it, but I really have to force myself to put the book down at 1 AM.  I have an alarm set so I will remember because I start reading the thing and it's like time stops, but of course time doesn't actually stop, we all know that sillies, it's what that would be like if that did happen.  Suddenly two hours and about 200 pages have slipped past me and I'm in a complete stupor filled with visions of the Voldemort....oh for heaven's sake Ron... and the trio and Hagrid and Dumbledore and the myriad of details each book let's you marinate in.

    I don't know, since perhaps the LOTR tri-logy and the Hobbit, have I been so immersed in a fictional world.  It's the little things, the little tidbit descriptions of things and the little jokes in mid sentence and, one of my favorite aspects, the descriptions of things like Professor Mongonagall's...

[Sorry this just in when I went to search for the correct spelling of the Professor's name...sweet Lord, I'm referring to ficitional characters as if they are teaching, this very minute, at Harvard or something, totally losing it...anyway, what pops up on the Yahoo! front page as the featured story of the minute? "Heavy Kids Face Big Stigma" which if the title and the truth behind the story aren't bad enough, it is accompanied by this picture:    

which is definitely from one of those stockphoto places, so this means they did a casting for a "heavy kid in a pool looking sad" and then turned other heavy kids away saying things like, "nope, not fat enough, too fat, too ugly, too red headed..."  Wow, classy Yahoo! classy.  ]

(and we're back!) things like Professor Mongonagall's (I was forgetting an a in there) facial expressions, especially whenever she's around Umbridge.  I love me some Minerva, she's strict, but fair; classy, but not prissy; she's all business on the outside, with a heart of gold on the inside and loyal to that school and those kids!  She reminds me of my second grade teacher, Mrs. Lincoln, who taught me to write in cursive with "some pinache".  Anyway, love Minerva, and she's an animagus, which is insanely cool [does anyone else think that Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, is also an animagus that has been cleverly disguised these many years? There's something off with that cat, methinks, just a personal theory, nothing to back it up...] 

Well, I suppose I could go on and on and I know there's no way that the movies can ever truly encompass the books... OMG, I met someone the other day who said, and I qoute, "The movies are awesome, I've never read the books, but I can't imagine how they could be any better."  After I recovered from the dizziness and the nausea of what this grown-up, who I know is literate, had said at me, and it was at me, not to me, no one would say something like that to someone, right?  I almost, almost, exploded into a rant about how movies are never as good as the book and in this case even more so as so many details and sub-plots (hello, S.P.E.W.) and "loads of stuff" had to be left out rather than have each movie be six hours (WHICH I WOULD TOTALLY GO SEE, I WANT THEM LINE FOR LINE!), I thought better of it, knowing that this MUGGLE, which is what I call anyone who either refuses to read a "kid's book", "doesn't get why everyone loves them so much" or, and this is the worst, "just sees the movies, it's so much faster."  Uhhh, and some of them have children that they are raising with this kind of attitude, there goes America's future, down the drain in 2hrs 18 mins.

Anyway, lost focus, I merely said that while the movies are good and do some justice to the books, there is no substitute for one's own imagination and the intimacy of living the story out in your own mind on your own time with the ability to stop and re-read something or ponder on why centaurs abhore humans so much, though I could likely guess, but still, in the movie, you don't have this luxury of time, because it keeps going no matter what.  This fell on deaf or more likely dumb ears.  So I give up.  I don't care if people don't like my taste in film or literature.  If they think I'm stupid or unrefined.  All I know is that any actor worth anything in England has been recruited along with might be the luckiest and best child talent casting since the Wizard of OZ (though she wasn't much of a kid I suppose), the talent in these films is at a level comparable to the material that J.K. Rowling has created, and if nothing else, should be remembered for the ambition and truly English sense of tradition and independence in creating them.  I'm sure the billions of dolalrs they created didn't hurt either, but still....

So, to recap what is a mishmash of ideas, opinions and gobbly-gook on The Order of the Phoenix.  GREAT BOOK!  It's like my heroin right now, I just need another fix.  I really don't know what I'll do in a new era where there isn't another HP book to look forward to.  The movie, we shall see, but THE CAST, the cast is insanely good, insanely good, I don't know if you people realize that Alan Rickman should have won an Oscar by now for portraying Snape, seriously, it's a little scary how good he is... but the whole cast, I mean the kids are the weakest links and they're good, Radcliffe and Thompson, especially, should have thriving careers for years to come if they stay off the Lohan tract.  Well, I'm done, HP doesn't need me to tell you to go see this movie, it made 12 million dollars on the midnight shows alone, that's like 1.2 million people going to see it, at midnight (at an average ticket price of $10, which I thought was fair).  That's like a fourth of the population of Arkansas going to a movie at midnight... I think they're gonna do okay.  Funny story, I saw Radcliffe on MTV TRL UCVBDSKDXX#(R, whatever, one of those shows in the Times Square studio filled with screaming teenagers and sub-standard pop rock, and he was like, "I don't have to ask people to go see it, it's going to do pretty well, but by all means, please go see it, please..."  He's got a good attitude in public, I hope he keeps it, yes, I think of that one we can expect great things....perhaps terrible.....but great things......AHHHHH! YES! Do you remember the wand guy, Mr. Ollivinder, played wonderfully by John Hurt, he's on screen, what, like three minutes tops  in the first movie, and has one of the most important lines of the entire seven book/ seven film series, getting Harry's wand and connecting it and Harry's future, etc. with Voldemort...Ron, seriously, keep it together...he was so good, surpassing my own imagination of that scene in the book, it is truly one of my favorite scenes in filmdom, if I taught a class on film, that would be a clip I would show, "this is magic on the screen people, he's doing it, watch and try to learn."  I love that guy!

Okay, for real, I could go on and on and on, I'm stopping, I've again, lost all track of time, damn you J.K. and your addicting children's literature! (Not really, J.K. if you are reading this, I was "jk"ing with ya, LOL, hee hee, please don't have my book revoked...please....thanks......)

Confidentially excited, Mr. Rickey

PS:  As I was re-reading the mess above, the FedEx guy, who just brought in some stuff, and "The New Woman", who is the worst, get into a conversation about the weather, because she has to have a conversation with everyone who walks through the door about the weather, and then gets in a philosophical and scientific argument (of which neither should be allowed to engage in) about global warming.  The FedEx guy doesn't believe in global warming being a phenomenon that is largely influenced by green house gases etc.  Apparently the Discovery Channel he watches, which is apparently Discovery Fox News, says that the earth naturally goes through these periods of increase warming and strange weather conditions every 100 years, (which I think he means 100,000 years or maybe 1,000 years) and there's nothing to worry about.  To which "The New Woman", who is the worst, retorted that global warming killed the dinosaurs and it could kill us by raising temperatures to 200 degrees F.  I was under the impression that everyone was pretty certain the dinosaurs died out due to a lack of vegetation, which killed the herd animals, which in turn killed up the food chain, leaving smaller animals, i.e. mammals and the like, to survive with their lesser dietary needs all due to the "nuclear-like winter" caused by a huge collision from an asteroid, probably creating much of the Yucatan Pennisula.... are we not under that impression?  I didn't say anything, I just went back to the break room for coffee under the hope that when I returned, FedEx would be off to deliver things by noon and "The New Woman", who is the worst, would return to calculating things on her old fashioned adding machine that I always have to special order ribbon cartridges for because she just can't do the same thing in Excel, which is ludicrous.... shoot me now....


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