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Just so y'all know, The Weekend Theater, 7th & Chester, will be holding auditions this weekend for the fall plays, here's the vitals, or head on over to for more details and while you're there, make reservations to see : THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW!

Auditions Announced

Saturday July 14 at 10 a.m.
Sunday July 15 at 7 p.m. 

Show(s) -- Show Director -- Who We're Looking For
Trial of the Catonsville Nine (Ralph Hyman, Director, Reader's theater production, nine men, two women)
Triangle Factory Fire (Frank Butler, Director, five men, four women)
Wit (John Haman, Director, three men, three women and four other characters who can be men or women)
Keely and Du (Ralph Hyman, Director, two men, three women, three extras)

These auditions are for characters who are age 18 and above. 

Rehearsal & Performance Dates
Trial of the Catonsville Nine:
Rehearsals: Aug 25-Sept 13 
Performances: Sept 14-15

Triangle Factory Fire:
Rehearsals: Aug 25-Sept 28 
Performances: Sept 28-Oct 13

Rehearsals: Sept 29-Nov 1
Performances:  Nov 2-Nov 17

Keely and Du   
Rehearsals: Nov  3-Nov 29 
Performances: Nov  30-Dec 15

If you cannot attend all dress rehearsals, brush up rehearsals and performances, please respect your fellow actors and tell us so you will not be cast. This does not mean don't audition, as auditions are great experience for any actor even if one does not intend to do the show.  But please remember to tell the director you will not be available to actually be in the show as you have other commitments. 

If you have any questions about these four productions, please feel free to email me at We look forward to seeing you at auditions!  You do not have to bring anything except yourself.  You will be asked to read from the scripts of the shows for which you want to audition. Unfortunately we do not have the scripts available prior to the auditions.  And please be prepared to stay for four hours for the adult auditions as we are auditioning for four shows.  We will read each play for about 30 minutes, then switch to the next play, etc. and then after two hours we will start all over again for the second reading of each play.  Whew!  But think of all the fun we will have!  And you do not have to come to both days of auditioning! So, choose which audition you want to attend, come on down and bring your friends.  There are lots of parts for lots of people!  Thanks and see you soon!

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