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Well, I don't have a lot of time these days, I've got work, and "my hobby" (which is totally innocent, for the most part, but would give away whats left of my annymity), and family stuff, and friend drama, and re-reading the Harry Potter books, 6&7.... so I haven't been posting as often or energetically.  Plus, I loathe movable more and more.  Anywho, some things that caught my fancy:


San Franscisco, the city that says, "yeah, why not?  we do everything else first, take that NYC, in your face!" has banned bottled water (individual and water coolers) from all public offices.  Apparently this is a move to be more green friendly and fiscally responsible by city hall, and I applaud it.  There's nothing wrong with tap water, that's actually one of the greatest things about our country, the public water works and the level of purity they offer.  I know you know what I mean if you've been to Mexico, especially off the beaten path, you don't take for granted American water supplies when you get "Montezuma's Revenge" from taking a shower or brushing your teeth. 

What also kills me, KILLS ME!, is that there are calls to add flouride to bottled water.  First of all, that's the point of bottled water right, that it doesn't have anything in it, just the "pure" water of some spring somewhere that is "a protected source".  You know that those protected sources are drained with pipes that take it to a factory where they fill the bottles, I mean, unless they're out there dipping the bottles in some virginal pool, it's not gonna be pure anyway and I'm sure they filter the mud and crawdads out of it... anyway, I digress, add Flouride?  Uhhh....idiots... I mean parents, just let your kids drink tap water, make lemonade from tap water (do people even make lemonade anymore, or kool-aid?)... why is your kid drinking bottled water?  Tell them to fill up their bottle at the tap.  And don't get one of those Brita filters, they probably (I'm not looking it up, I'm tired, so sue me, I said probably) filter flouride out too.  (Speaking of Brita filters and pitchers and stuff, I used to think they were a good idea, but now I'm all about tap water and stuff, but I had to install one of those filters on a kitchen sink for my friend's fiancee, yes, not mine, no there was no significant other needing Mr. Rickey's help, it was my mechanically challenged friend's fiancee who needed my expertise.  Well, anyway, as installation goes, that's like one of the easiest things in the world.  Unscrew the faucet cap, screw on the filter, etc.  Well they just couldn't get it to work, so I did it and they were amazed, but skeptical, how did I know it was going to work.  I turned the water on, it comes out.  Again, amazed.  I asked how they tried it.  "Oh, we tried with the water on, but it kept spraying everywhere."-sigh- really, and I'm single, that must mean I'm a freak...)  and we're back, where was I... oh yeah, don't add flouride to water you just took stuff out of...and don't add flavors, all flavored water tastes awful, like they only put half the flavor they should have in your drink and now it has that sitting in the sun and all my ice melted in my drank, taste.  "I don't like the taste of water."  WHAT!?  You people kill me.  Water doesn't taste like anything, it's just water, your body is 80% water, get used to it...don't like the taste of water...stupid....danged....argh......

Well, anyway, I applaud San Francisco's city government for showing pride in the world's best public water system, fiscal responsibility and environmental concern.  Think Little Rock will follow suit?  Yeah, right...



Rocky Horror is resurrected!

That's right, The Weekend Theater has revived The Rocky Horror Show, opening this Thursday, for another run of four long weekends.  If you saw the show last year, you know it's a hoot.  Word on the corner of 7th and Chester is most of the original cast has returned, with the major additions being a new Frankenfurter and a new Janet, but the ridculousness and good times should be even better.  $18 for Adults, $12 for students and seniors, this show contains lots of sexual innuendo, etc., don't bring your little kids.  For tickets, call 374-3761 or make Online Reservations at www.weekendtheater.org.



Has anyone seen the billboard, I see the one on 430 between Woodrow and MLK exits going east, which may not be up anymore now that I think of it, of the giant foot with the "wound" on the big toe that's an ad for St. Vincent Wound Care Center?  Ewwwwww.....  I mean I'm glad the center is there, I've had some friends with surgery wounds that swear by that place, but seriously, too graphic y'all, too graphic... that's why I'm not a doctor, I get grossed out too easily.



And is anyone watching Traveler, Wednesdays, 9PM, ABC?  Is it me or is this summer show sorta good?  The acting is decent, the storyline is compelling, lots of intrigue and a great budget, they are blowing stuff up left and right (save the pilot where they blew up a museum with some of the worst CGI I have seen to date on network television).  Anyway, check it out, I think it's worth a watch.  But don't forget to watch RESCUE ME, 9&10PM, FX, Wednesdays.  That is the best show on right now, hands down.  Trying to get into Jericho, Fridays, 8PM, ABC, but haven't had the time because I'm addicted to my TIVO!  Sorry, I got one about two weeks ago after my buddy did and let me tell you, it's crack.  Seven episodes of Little People Big World, well ya, I'll watch 'em.  Oh, four episodes of Making the Band 4, yes please! (That is so much better than any of these other Next Model, Top Fry Chef things, Diddy does not play, he'll just cut fools off the show for no reason, bring on twenty new people, no reason, and dang, some of those guys can SANG, like that open your mouth and pure bliss rings out sing.  And Diddy always cracks me up, like on an episode I watch this morning where one of the two white guys on the show (who can both sing their buts off) got done doing his second audition to stay in the house to which Diddy says something like, "shoo, he didn't sing a wrong note," and Michael Bivens, who's one of this years judges/ artist developement reps at Bad Boy replies,"man, he ain't had a wrong note since he started singing, in this whole game."  They crack me up.  And that kid can sing, he's just a pudgy white guy from Boston, but he rolls up on some R&B and it's like, oh dang, you must have some soul in ya.  I gurantee he'll be signed by Bad Boy, and if they're smart to an individual developement deal.

Yeah, so watch that too, it's entertaining and there are probably 12 guys that Bad Boy will sign to developement deals even if they don't make the band. 


Well, that's some randomness for now, more later... oh wait, funny story, so this fool come into the office to ask for my boss, obviously on a cold sales call, and I tell him, and it's actually the truth, that my boss is in a meeting with corporate people today and tomorrow and is probably unavailable.  The sales dude is all like, can you ask him when he might be available to talk to me?  Like we called him to come in and try to sell us some stuff, like I was wasting his time, like he was selling eternal life in a field of strawberries and freakin cream.  So I asked him, "Let me see if I have this straight, you want me to interrupt my bosses meeting, the guy you want to buy whatever you're pushing, and tell him you are out here, without an appointment, to pitch him?  He said, yes, I would appreciate knowing what time he could meet with me.  And I said, "And you expect that he's going to see you and there's a chance he'll want to buy....what's that, light fixtures or something?"  He was all like ya.  "Ummm, well there's not, he's going to tell me to tell you to leave, but probably not as cordially so....here's his card, you give him a call, I'll make sure he gets your information.  Leave him a message and set up a time." What an idiot, do not cold call in person, ever, it's rude.

keep it on the confidential, mr. rickey


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