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Netflixin: "The Woodsman"


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     Well, if you haven't seen "The Woodsman" starring Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgewick, well, you're missing what could be Bacon's best performance to date.  From the producers of Monster's Ball, the film follows Walter (Bacon) as he adjusts back to society after spending 12 years in prison for abusing children.  Now while you might think this subject matter could get really disgusting really quickly, the film follows someone who knows there is something wrong with them and is trying to resist and overcome that part of himself. 

The acting in this movie is insane.  Usually when I think of Bacon, it's Footloose, A Few Good Men, etc.  Not respected for his intense dramactic work, this film, which was a huge risk for everyone involved, will blow your mind with not only how understated and internal Bacon's portrayal of the main character and his demons are, but how real the whole story is.  It's scary, in a good way, I think.  I don't know where the award nominations were, but if there were ever a time to throw a Golden Globe or Oscar at Bacon, this was the time.

This isn't a feel gooder.  This isn't first date, let's stay in stuff.  It's a serious movie that you enjoy because it's so well made and so intriguing.  I recommend renting it and I'm glad it popped up on my radar during some previews for I think "Elecktra" or something.

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